Traditional MarkBook® for Windows® is Still available!

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MarkBook for Windows

The traditional, familiar version of MarkBook that has been used in schools for over 20 years includes:

  • Assessment recording an analysis
  • Generating Class Reports, Mini Reports and .pdf email Reports
  • Analyzing Assessment by Seating Plans
  • Producing Attendance Records and Analysis
  • Exchanging Class Data with common Student Information Systems
  • Storing of Class Data locally. on USB or using Cloud Storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox
  • You control the Data Security and Backup management

Same Familiar Features!






Local Storage



  • Installation Required: MarkBook for Windows is writtten exclusively for Microsoft® Windows® (installs as a stand-alone or Network version).
  • Familiar Features: Your favourite Features for creating, importing and updating your Classes. Generating more welcoming comments and reports!
  • Storage: Your data Class data may be controlled in a local storage or on USB devices.
  • Convenient: Your MarkBook for Windows license allows you to install and use MarkBook on your school and home computer. Transport your data on a memory stick or other memory device.
  • Support: Extensive print and video materials are available to guide you. Includes unlimited e-mail support.
  • Inexpensive: Just $35.95 per year for the most powerful class management software available anywhere. Volume discounts are available to school districts. Every year thousands of teachers buy MarkBook for themselves rather than use the software provided by their school district.

Our Clients love MarkBook® around the Globe!

Your solution works like a charm! I can't say how much I appreciate your commitment to product support - it just doesn't get any better than this. I shall be raving about it all over our district. T.M. Canada

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MarkBook is an annually licensed product. Expires on August 31 each year.