MarkBook® CONNECT is simply the BEST way to Communicate with Students and PARENTS!

MarkBook CONNECT on Smartphone


provides on-demand reports to pre-registered parents and students on their smart mobile devices.

  • No Installation: MarkBook CONNECT requires no installation.
  • Features:Parents may receive reports from each Student with included Progress Reports as .pdf attachments.
  • Secure: Class data is sent as HTML5/CSS3 readable packets to verified targets: Enrolled Parents and/or Students.
  • Convenient: View each Student's Assessments in one convenient portal!
  • Inexpensive: Included with each MarkBook Account.

Login to MarkBook®

Setup and Validate a MarkBook® Account...
If you already have a MarkBook® Account, go to the CONNECT dashboard to register the next step.

Verification email for MarkBook
MarkBook Verified

CONNECT Account Confirmation email

Login to MarkBook® CONNECT

Register using your MarkBook® credentials...
with email addresses for Students and/or Parents, verify a secure CONNECTion with their smart mobile devices.

CONNECT Account Verifiication

Register Classes and Targets

Send Student Assessment Data to them...
automatically view the Enrolled Student marks in any browser on-demand!

Enrolled Student Classes

CONNECT Browser Login Page
Enrolled Student Lists for Teacher Classes

Transparency and Accountability

Review Teacher Records for each Assessment as soon as they are updated...

Data Entries for Student

Our Clients love MarkBook® around the Globe!

Your solution works like a charm! I can't say how much I appreciate your commitment to product support - it just doesn't get any better than this. I shall be raving about it all over our district. T.M. Canada

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MarkBook is an annually licensed product. Your license purchase will give you one year of access from the date of purchase.