Why MarkBook®?

Teachers need a toolbox to:

Introducing MarkBook®Web – Online Class Management

That's why today's teacher needs MarkBook® Class Management Software.

Inspire Success!

The Acadiem Group, designers/developers of MarkBook® – Canada's most recognized class management software – are proud to announce the launch of their latest creation, MarkBook®Web. Everything you loved about MarkBook is now available in a browser based or desk program with full cloud storage in a secure and stable environment.

A leading-edge, online application for PC, Mac and certain iOS* and Android* devices. Its ease of access, user-friendly interface and robust functionality are just some of the many enhancements you can expect.

Has your group already bought our traditional MarkBook program from the Acadiem Group for 2016-2017? You may be entitled to a free one year subscription for MarkBook®Web – contact entitlements@markbookweb.com for details.

* with third party Flash-enabled browser.